The ideas


Your specific needs and requirements are the beacon for our designs. Right from the start we focus on the individual requirements of our customers. Where the going gets too tough or complex for even the best standard system, customized solutions have to be found. Load carriers of any type need to fit in seamlessly with and complement our clients’ operational processes and internal logistics.

We strive to optimize your materials flow, find smarter solutions, and increase your process efficiency. Our ideas and long-standing experience help us do exactly that.


Customized solutions based on a comprehensive process analysis.

Experienced team

Solutions based on decades of experience in the industry and our
wide-ranging competence in logistics.

Creative & Professional

Visualization with 3D CAD models.

prototype construction

Extensive test and fine-tuning processes working with prototypes
until we produce the perfect solution.

transport costs

Optimized packing density for your components, reducing transport
costs significantly.

Solutions from FEIL offer you more:



Storage, delivery and internal logistics – we are happy to make our decades of experience and expertise in these fields available to your company. Our consulting service is centred on providing efficient logistics and maximum profitability by identifying the most appropriate standard or customized solution.



We take a close look at the situation together with you. You know exactly the internal and external logistics requirements you have, and we know how to make processes more efficient. Working in close coordination with you, we
analyse the different stages of the production and supply chains and coordinate
them in the best possible way with FEIL systems solutions.



Based on this analysis, our designers get to work and visualize their proposals using 3D CAD models. Once we have chosen the right model, we make
prototypes and test their functionality together with you at your production
facilities. We fine-tune the prototypes to perfection to arrive at your customized solution.



Quality is one of our top priorities. Production of your customized solution commences once we have mutually approved series production. We exclusively use high-quality, long-lasting materials. The rigorous ongoing monitoring of our production processes ensures the highest levels of precision and quality. And we will continue to support you as your reliable partner once
your customized solution is in place.