Increased movement and mobility

Although the rolldolly® from FEIL has increased movement and mobility in many industries for a long while already, our goal is to continue to improve it further, both technically and optically, and to optimise its lifespan. The result is impressive in all respects:

Many advantages at a glance:

  • PE for use from -30° to +60°C
  • Complies with HACCP (FAVORIT model)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Name and logo embossing on the front
    side optional
  • 4 barcode fields
  • RFID-capable
  • Dimensions 410 x 610 mm (external)
  • Recess for all European standard boxes
    400 x 600 mm (other dimensions available
    on request)
  • Loading capacity 300 kg
  • Uniformly stackable with stacking recesses
  • Safety edge for stacking upside down after
  • Models with closed floors for high hygiene
    requirements (FAVORIT model)
  • Warp-resistant
  • Choice of colours
  • Wheel assembly with 4 fastening screws
    per wheel
  • Available with 4 swivel castors or 2 swivel
    castors and 2 fixed castors
  • The right wheel for every use: PP/PA/PU

rolldolly® CLASSIC

with open base

rolldolly® FAVORIT

with closed base

rolldolly® CLASSIC

with coupling

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