rolltainer® Anti-theft

For the protection of higher value goods
Antidiebstahl Rollbehälter

FEIL’s anti-theft roll containers effectively secure higher quality goods. As the doors of the anti-theft roll containers are equipped with bolt locks, unauthorised persons cannot gain access. So that the roll containers can be used anti-theft for different products and in different ranges, there are them in different remarks: with intermediate grounds from wire screen or plastic and with second divided front wall, whose door halves can be locked individually. In addition, customers can also put together the anti-theft roll container according to their individual requirements.

Dimensions: Available in dimensions*: 725 x 810 mm

Standard-Seitengitter: 1795 total height**, other heights and models possible, 50 x 50 mm mesh, including barrel bolt lock

Options: with note board, with document pouch

Product examples

rolltainer® Anti-theft with wire mesh shelf

rolltainer® Anti-theft suitable for standardised boxes

Anti-theft rolltainer with two swivelling door halves

Anti-theft rolltainer open

rolltainer® Anti-theft with wire mesh shelf

rolltainer® Anti-theft to customer specifications

rolltainer® Anti-theft with folding roof

rolltainer® Anti-theft rolltainer open top

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