nestainer® metal

Save a lot of space

The nestable FEIL rolltainers are called nestainers®.
With a robust construction and optimized ergonomics,
the nestainer Ergo series save a lot of space
when empty and are incredibly easy to use to make
everyday operations that much simpler. Practical
accessories such as shelves and 3-sided or 4-sided
constructions are also available

Space requirements: 3 standard rolltainers = 10 nested rolltainers

Product examples

nestainer® Ergo 2-sided with integrated spring technology

nestainer® Ergo 2-sided, with shelves

nestainer® Ergo 3-sided, with shelves

nestainer® Ergo 3-sided with a swivelling back side

Produktbeispiele- Anti-Diebstahl

nestainer® EURO-Anti-Diebstahl 800 x 1200 mm x NH ~ 1550/GH 1810 mm bei Rollen Ø 125 mm, mit klappbaren Zwischenböden

Your contact person

Sebastian Niehaus | Sales nestainer®

Phone: +49 (0) 29 51 – 9399-132
Mobile: +49 (0) 160 – 7473842


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