Stanchion pallet & sewer pipes

The cost-effective block storage with a system.

Using this FEIL special pallet system, a wide range of pipes (KG, SML, HT, PE,
etc.) can be stored with minimum space requirements in multiple pallets stacked
on top of each other. Once the complete packages have been simply lifted into
the empty pallet using a forklift truck and the transport packaging straps have been opened, the individual pipes can be easily removed lengthwise at any time.

Many advantages at a glance:

  • No ground anchoring required
  • Mobile installation possible, no assembly costs
  • Low space requirement thanks to the stackability of opened packing units
  • Loading using a forklif possible, no manual reloading)
  • Beschickung durch Gabelstapler möglich (kein Umladen von Hand)
  • All pipe lengths can be stored in only than two or three different
    pallet sizes
  • Vertical support tubes for space-saving stacking when empty
  • Low transport costs for empty pallets
  • Easy stacking thanks to self-centring circular bases
  • All-purpose (can also be used for wooden palisades etc.)

Product examples

Post pallet

Post pallet

Post pallet

Sewer pipe rack

Sewer pipe rack

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