Automobile industry

Transport racks for interior & exterior cladding

Product examples

Transport rack for air conditioning systems,

High packing density, stackable, ergonomic

Special load carrier for crankshafts
on anti-slip coated plastic trays

Special load carrier for mudguards in their unfinished state

Transport racks for engine mounts

Transport rack for automotive air conditioning

Special load carrier for hydraulic machinery for industrial trucks

Special load carrier for hydraulic machinery for industrial trucks

Flexibly usable frame for cut sheet metal

Storage and transport box for steering wheels, open

Robot frame for A, B or C columns

Drawer rack for rocker panels,

Special load carrier for sensitive parts, fully

Special load carrier for centre consoles, open

Nested one inside another to save space
and opening upwards

Special load carrier for spoilers
in foam receptacles

Drawer rack for rocker panels
in contour receptacles made from PE

Transport rack for instrument panels

Seat „kit“ for back seats and front seats in one frame

Special load carrier for vehicle seats

Transport rack for car seats

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